Frequently Asked Questions

Financing & Payment FAQs

Q: Do you work with insurance company billing?

A: We currently do not work with insurance company billing. Our focus is on providing affordable, high-quality mobility equipment and supplies directly to our customers.

Q: Do you work with Medicare?

A: Unfortunately, we do not work with Medicare at this time.

Q: Do you work with MediCal?

A: No, we do not work with MediCal at the moment.

Q: Do you offer financing options for purchasing mobility equipment and supplies?

A: Yes, we offer financing through Acima, a leading lease-to-own provider. Acima allows you to get the products you need without using credit or increasing your debt. With Acima, you can lease the items you want until you’re ready to own them.

Q: What is Acima and how does it work?

A: Acima is a flexible lease-to-own provider that helps people from all backgrounds live a better quality of life by providing easier access to the things they need and want, all without using credit. The Acima process is simple: you find an eligible item, Acima buys it and leases it to you under a flexible short-term lease with renewal options. You can own the item when you’re ready or return it to Acima.

Q: How do I apply for a lease agreement with Acima?

A: Applying for a lease agreement with Acima is quick and easy. You can apply through their mobile app, online, or in stores at thousands of retailers across the nation. Their flexible purchase options allow you to lease durable items like mobility equipment and supplies without using credit or a loan.

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