At Discount Medical, we’re excited to unveil our latest collection of lightweight electric wheelchairs, designed to revolutionize your mobility and independence. These innovative models – Jazzy® Carbon, Go Chair MED, and Golden Cricket GP302 – blend cutting-edge technology with unmatched portability and style.

Jazzy® Carbon: The Traveler’s Choice

Jazzy® Carbon: The Traveler's Choice
Discover the Jazzy® Carbon , a marvel of mobility engineering by Pride Mobility. This ultralight wheelchair, weighing a mere 43.6 pounds, boasts a carbon fiber frame and a dependable lithium-ion battery. It’s designed for the jet-setter in you, gliding through airport security and fitting snugly on planes. With a speed of 3.7 mph and a 300-pound weight capacity, the Jazzy® Carbon is your ideal travel companion.

Go Chair MED: Versatile and Compact

Go Chair MED: Versatile and Compact
Next, meet the Go Chair MED , also from Pride Mobility. It’s the epitome of convenience with feather-touch disassembly, transforming into four easy-to-carry components. The heaviest part is just 36 pounds! With a 300 lb weight capacity and a 3.7 mph top speed, it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The Go Chair MED offers a unique combination of compactness and comfort, making it ideal for everyday activities.

Golden Cricket GP302: Style Meets Substance

Golden Cricket GP302: Style Meets Substance
Finally, the Golden Cricket GP302 from Golden Technologies is a true game-changer in power wheelchair design. Weighing only 33 lbs and crafted from 100% carbon fiber, it’s not just a power wheelchair; it’s a statement. Boasting a 22-inch turning radius and a 300 lb weight capacity, it’s your perfect partner for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

Your Mobility, Our Commitment

At Discount Medical, we understand that mobility is about more than just movement – it’s about freedom, independence, and quality of life. Our new range of lightweight electric wheelchairs is a testament to this understanding. Visit our website to explore these models in detail and find the one that best suits your lifestyle. Embrace a world where mobility is limitless, and every journey is an adventure!

Take the Next Step in Your Mobility Journey

Interested in experiencing these state-of-the-art lightweight electric wheelchairs firsthand? We invite you to call us and schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated mobility experts. They will provide personalized guidance and help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your mobility and independence. Call Discount Medical today and embark on a journey towards a more active and fulfilling life.