Blue Phoenix Rise Upright Rollator


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Rise UP and liberate your mobility to an upright and forward-looking posture with adjustable, padded & contoured platforms with the NOVA Feather Touch locking hand brakes. The Phoenix Rise UP Rollator also features open clearance behind the seat, allowing for a natural walking gait & stride. Large padded seat with handles positioned to assist in standing. Large 10″ front wheels and 8″ rear wheels are standard for a smooth ride.

The lightweight, folding frame weighs only 20 lbs. making it easier to lift for transport or storage. The handles can be easily adjusted by depressing the quick-adjust button.

The Phoenix Rise UP rollator comes standard with a removable zipper pouch and an integrated cane holder, allowing you to easily transport your personal items and cane with you.

Feather-touch locking hand brakes
Height adjustable handles
Handles to grasp while seated and to provide assist support when standing
Large padded sling seat
Padded backrest
Folding frame
Removable front pouch with zipper closure
Integrated cane holder
300 lb weight capacity