NuWave Ozone Automated CPAP Cleaner Combo Set

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NUWAVE® CPAP Sanitizer is easy to use and automatically kills 99.9% of germs. The NuWave has eclipsed the SoClean 2 as our top-selling Ozone CPAP sanitizer.


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The NUWAVE® Combo brings together the best of both a home-use unit AND a travel unit. The NUWAVE® Combo comes with a large NUWAVE® Plus sanitizing chamber which allows CPAP patients to sanitize the water chamber and CPAP mask in one convenient automated cycle. And the Combo also includes the unique small sanitizing chamber which is great for travel.

Both sanitizing chambers incorporate our unique patent-pending universal flange fitting which is great for patients with joint pain and or arthritis. Both NUWAVE® sanitizing chambers are super easy to connect, help contain the ozone and are extremely effective at helping to killing bacteria (99.9%). An ozone filter is provided, which can be used in either bag, to help convert the ozone back to oxygen after the sanitization cycle is completed.


Other units on the market using zipper bag chambers do not allow the user to close the sanitizing chamber and the result is ozone which leaks into the environment. NUWAVE® is designed with an advanced configuration of a special flange fitting and one of two sanitizing chambers which uses a zipper to open and fully close the unit so the ozone stays inside.


NUWAVE® is provided with a long life 2,600 mah battery and can last as long as 8-9 sanitization cycles before needing a charge. Re-charging is simple. Just plug the unit into a wall outlet using the provided power cord and USB charger adapter.