How important is comfort to you?

Golden technologies specializes in unique and individualized comfort by offering a patented five zone system designed to get you into your comfort zone.

Zone 1

The adjustable footrest can be moved independently from the seat to provide you with greater comfort and support. The four-way motion of the seat, in conjunction with an independent movement of the foot rest, allows for an ergonomic posture for your lower body.

The up and down seat motion provides cradling support for your lower body while also encouraging a natural bend in your knee when the seat is fully raised.

Forward and backward movement reduces the distance between the back and seat, providing extra support for your lower back.

This unique lower-body location provides relief to the muscle and joint discomfort in your back and hips, allowing you to raise your legs and feet to promote circulation.

Zone 2

Zone 2 allows you to adjust the backrest separately from the seats and foot rest, whether you’re reading a book, watching a movie, or taking an afternoon nap.

The upper back and shoulders are supported while in the TV viewing position, evenly distributing your body weight with positive pressure in the zero gravity position, giving a pleasurable stretch or lower back, and enhancing circulation in the Trendelenburg posture.

Zone 3

Zone 3 can help you relax with a customized head and neck support.

This zone has an adjustable headrest that provides cushion support as it rises to cradle your head while ensuring the natural form of your spine.

This custom support allows you to release tension from your neck and shoulders while maintaining the precise posture you need without strain.

Zone 4

The adjustable lumbar in Zone 4 provides personalized and firm support when you require it the most.

Back pain is a common experience for many individuals, and they may wish for more back support while resting or napping at times.

Back support can provide relief to your spine while giving your back muscles a chance to relax and rejuvenate.

Zone 5

Activate the Twilight technology in Zone 5 to achieve a sense of tranquility. This tilting motion provides a feeling of weightlessness that no other recliner can match.

Relax by raising your legs in the rejuvenate posture or relaxing with your body stretched out in the lounge position to help relieve muscle soreness and release muscular tension.

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