Embracing Mobility with a Smile

Hello, Riverside! Mobility is a treasure that many of us might take for granted. But for our friends and family members with medical mobility issues, moving freely can be a daily challenge. Thankfully, innovations in mobility equipment are changing lives, and Discount Medical is at the forefront of this revolution. With roots in Riverside County since the late 1980s, Discount Medical is a family-owned gem that has been serving the community with love and care. With a highly trained staff boasting over 100 years of combined experience, they are the guardian angels of mobility.

Stride Power Wheelchair

The Evolution of Mobility Equipment

A Journey Through Time

Mobility equipment has come a long way. From the rudimentary wheelchairs of the past to the high-tech gadgets of today, the evolution has been nothing short of miraculous. This journey through time reflects humanity’s relentless pursuit of freedom and independence for all.

The Power of Innovation

Innovation is the magic wand that transforms lives. For individuals with mobility issues, the latest equipment means more than just moving around; it’s about reclaiming their zest for life. Innovations in mobility equipment have opened doors, flattened barriers, and painted smiles on countless faces.


Mobility Scooters

The Freedom Riders

Mobility scooters are like the cool kids on the block. They are stylish, versatile, and oh-so-convenient. At Discount Medical in Riverside, CA, you’ll find the latest models that are not just functional but also a joy to ride.

Features That Wow!

The mobility scooters at Discount Medical come with features that are designed to make your ride smooth and enjoyable. From adjustable seats and ergonomic handlebars to long-lasting batteries and ample storage space, these scooters are your trusty steeds.

Customer Love

Hear it from those who’ve experienced the joy of riding mobility scooters from Discount Medical. Their stories of rediscovered freedom and daily adventures are the best testament to the life-changing impact of these fantastic machines.


Lift Chairs

Elevate Your Comfort

Imagine a chair that doesn’t just let you sit but also lends you a helping hand when you need it. That’s what lift chairs are all about! These magical seats are perfect for those who find it difficult to sit down or stand up from a chair. At Discount Medical, you’ll find a range of top-notch lift chairs that are as cozy as a warm hug.

A Throne That Fits Just Right

One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to comfort. The lift chairs at Discount Medical are designed with your unique needs in mind. With various sizes, materials, and features, you’re sure to find a throne that fits just right.

The Joy of Independence

Lift chairs are not just about comfort; they’re about independence. Being able to sit and stand without assistance is empowering. It’s the little joys like these that make a big difference in our daily lives.


Power Up Your Journey

If mobility scooters are the cool kids, powerchairs are the superheroes! With their versatility and customization options, powerchairs are the ultimate mobility solution for many. At Discount Medical in Riverside, CA, the latest powerchair models are waiting to power up your journey.

Customized for You

Everyone’s mobility needs are different. That’s why the powerchairs at Discount Medical can be tailored to fit your specific requirements. From seating and controls to accessories, your powerchair will be as unique as you.

Embracing Life with Open Arms

With a powerchair, the world is your playground. Whether it’s a trip to the park, a day at the mall, or just moving around the house, a powerchair makes it all possible. Embrace life with open arms and let your powerchair be your trusted companion.

Discount Medical Difference

The Discount Medical Difference

A Family That Cares

At Discount Medical, you’re not just a customer; you’re family. The friendly and highly trained staff are dedicated to ensuring that you get the right medical equipment for your unique needs. They take the time to educate you about the products and make sure you’re comfortable and confident in using them.

Expert Hands You Can Trust

What sets Discount Medical apart is the presence of manufacturer-certified technicians on staff. This means that the same expert hands that repair your equipment are also responsible for new equipment installation and training. And guess what? All warranty work is done locally in-house, so you get your equipment repaired and replaced quickly.

White Glove Service

Discount Medical goes the extra mile with its White Glove Delivery and Installation Service. When you order equipment, it’s not just delivered; it’s assembled, installed, and you’re trained on how to use it. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your newfound mobility.

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A World of Possibilities

Discount Medical boasts the largest medical equipment showroom in Southern California. It’s like stepping into a world of possibilities. With the widest selection of mobility scooters, lift chairs, powerchairs, and so much more, your perfect fit is waiting for you.

Your Experienced Mobility Guide

The staff at Discount Medical are not just salespeople; they are experienced mobility guides. They will walk you through the options, help you try them out, and make sure that what you take home is the best fit for you.

A Community Favorite

As Pride Mobility’s and Golden Technologies’ “Flagship Dealer” in the Inland Empire, Discount Medical has a reputation that speaks for itself. But don’t just take our word for it; check out the amazing Google and Yelp reviews from happy customers!

Your Journey to Freedom Starts Here

Mobility is freedom, and with the latest equipment from Discount Medical, that freedom is within your reach. Whether you’re looking for a mobility scooter, a lift chair, or a powerchair, Discount Medical in Riverside, CA, is your gateway to a world of possibilities. With unmatched customer service, expert staff, and a family that cares, your journey to freedom starts here.

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