Golden Cricket GP302 Power Wheelchair

Introducing the Golden Cricket GP302 – the epitome of style, agility, and portability in the world of power wheelchairs. This cutting-edge mobility solution is designed to redefine your freedom, offering an unmatched blend of comfort, performance, and convenience.

The Golden Cricket GP302 is not just a power wheelchair; it’s a statement of independence. Its slim, sporty design, crafted from 100% carbon fiber, exudes modern elegance while promising superior durability. Despite its robust construction, the Cricket weighs a mere 33 lbs, making it one of the lightest power wheelchairs on the market.

Whether you’re exploring new sights, shopping in bustling markets, or dining at your favorite restaurant, the Golden Cricket GP302 is your perfect companion. Its compact design allows for effortless navigation in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Comfort is at the heart of the Golden Cricket GP302. The spacious padded seat cushion and durable mesh back are designed to align with your body’s natural contours, providing unparalleled comfort during your travels.

Performance is where the Golden Cricket GP302 truly shines. With a remarkable 22″ turning radius, it offers exceptional maneuverability, making everyday tasks like driving up to a table or passing through doorways a breeze.

Powered by airline-approved 12 AH 24V lithium-ion batteries, this powerchair boasts a maximum speed of 3.7 mph and an operating range of up to 9.3 miles. It’s designed to keep pace with your active lifestyle without compromising on performance or safety.

The Golden Cricket GP302 also features a well-styled joystick for effortless control and convenient offboard charging, ensuring you’re always ready to go. With a robust weight capacity of 300 lbs, it’s a reliable choice for users of all sizes.

In summary, the Golden Cricket GP302 is your ticket to a world of mobility, comfort, and independence. Experience the freedom to live life on your terms with this state-of-the-art mobility solution.


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Standard Features:

• 100% Carbon Fiber
• 300 lb. Weight Capacity
• Removable Compact
Joystick with USB Charger
• 35 Amp Controller
• Convenient Under Seat
Storage Bag
• Removable Padded Seat
• Offboard Charging
• Easy One-Step Folding
• Stands on End for
Space-saving Storage
• Airline-approved
Lithium-ion Battery