Stander Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

Ensure your safety and independence in the bathroom with the Stander Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar. This innovative product is designed to provide reliable support and stability, making your bathroom a safer place.

The Bathtub Security Pole is a tension-mounted pole that extends from the floor to the ceiling, providing a sturdy support structure right where you need it. It’s perfect for use near the bathtub, toilet, or anywhere else in the bathroom where you need a little extra help.

The Curve Grab Bar is a versatile addition to the pole, offering a secure grip at any angle. It’s perfect for standing up, sitting down, or steadying yourself while in the bathtub. The grab bar has four hand grips at four different heights, allowing for easy climbing or descending like a ladder.

The Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar is easy to install and doesn’t require any drilling or screws. It’s also rust-resistant, ensuring it will stand up to the humid conditions in your bathroom. The sleek and modern design fits seamlessly into any bathroom decor.


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  • Curved Grab Bar: Offers an enhanced level of support and stability while supporting up to 300 pounds.
  • Rotates and Locks: The rotating grab bar can be easily locked at any angle to give users an added sense of stability when standing.
  • Height Adjustable: The Security Pole can be extended vertically from 7 to 9 feet, creating tension between the tub and ceiling.
  • Compatible with Standard Bathtubs: Fits standard alcove bathtubs with flat sides and clamps to bathtub rims 3 to 7 inches wide and 13 to 21 inches tall.
  • Shower Curtains: Should be used with two shower curtains, one installed on either side of the Security Pole, to ensure water is contained.


  • Prevent Falls: Offers support to stand and move confidently without fear of falling or losing balance.
  • Versatile Solution for Bath Safety: Can be used while bathing, stepping over a bath ledge, or even when standing from a toilet.
  • No Restraints: Unlike traditional wall-mounted grab bars, the Security Pole is a non-permanent solution that can be installed where support is needed the most.
  • Low-Cost Alternative: Simple and easy to install in homes without requiring expensive renovations or major home modifications.
  • High Quality and Durable: Made of durable steel construction, ensuring long-lasting reliability and peace of mind.

With the Stander Bathtub Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have reliable support whenever you need it. It’s not just a bathroom accessory, it’s a commitment to safety and independence.