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As of January 2021, Discount Medical is still one of the VERY FEW places a person can buy true N95 and higher level masks and respirators. These masks are considered “The Gold Standard” in droplet protection, as they are NIOSH approved, FDA approved and ASTM certified for a PFE and BFE of 95% or higher. We carry the highly sought-after AMERICAN-MADE brands such as 3M, Halyard Health, Honeywell, Sperian, Moldex, Alpha ProTech and more. Doctors, nurses, CNAs, caregivers and those who work in hospitals are buying these, in addition to immunocompromised people and anyone entering a high-risk, high-exposure situation such as traveling, flying or going to the doctor or hospital. As of January 2021, we have in stock the following high-level protection masks: 3M Aura 9205+ N95 Respirator, 3M VFlex 9105 N95 Surgical Respirator, 3M 8210 PLUS N95, 3M 8200 N95, Honeywell Sperian Saf-T-Fit N95, Halyard Health FLUIDSHIELD N95 and Alpha ProTech Positive Facial Lock N95. Come in today to view our samples and talk to one of our trained salespeople about which mask may be right for you.


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