Vive All-Terrain Knee Walker

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Discover the Vivi All-Terrain Knee Walker Scooter, your ultimate solution for enhanced mobility and independence. This innovative Vivi knee walker is an ideal alternative to traditional crutches, especially for those recovering from foot, leg, or knee injuries or surgeries. It provides stable, comfortable mobility across various terrains. The Vivi All-Terrain Knee Walker features a robust dual braking system, offering unparalleled stability and control on different surfaces, including slopes and inclines. Its contoured knee platform is expertly designed to cradle your leg, minimizing pressure points, chafing, and irritation for a more comfortable experience.

Navigate both indoors and outdoors with ease, thanks to its large 12” pneumatic all-terrain tires, specifically designed to handle rugged conditions while ensuring a smooth ride. The walker’s height-adjustable design caters to a customized fit, enhancing comfort during use. Additionally, the Knee Walker boasts a durable, foldable steel frame, capable of supporting weights up to 300 pounds. Its foldability ensures compact storage and easy transport, making it a practical choice for those on the go. Choose the Vivi All-Terrain Knee Walker for a more efficient and smoother recovery journey.


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